Weight Training, Aerobic Training, and Squash facilities are available for all members. The Gwydir Fitness Centre provides full change room facilities but not personal security.


All users must complete the `Pre Screening and Induction Process’ prior to gaining membership of the Gwydir Fitness Centre. Members must also sign the Standard Indemnity Form.

Membership payments are standardized for all users. Members have unlimited use of the facility 7days per week.

Membership payments are GST inclusive. Membership payments are non refundable.

GFC is an unsupervised facility. Due to liability concerns members will not be permitted to bring children into the Fitness Centre while they are participating in personal fitness work.

Family Members under the age of 15 may use the aerobic equipment, but are not permitted access to the weights room. These Junior or Family Members must demonstrate via the induction process that they are competent on each of the aerobic machines. Centre management reserves the right to refuse Family or Junior Membership to those who are unable to demonstrate this level of competency.

15 year old children may have access to the weights room when under the care of qualified supervision. A qualified person is an approved member or casual instructor who holds a Certificate III in Fitness and current Senior First Aid and CPR.


A casual member is someone who is not living permanently within the Shire and is interested in using the gym for a short term ie 2 or 3 weeks. Casual membership is not available for periods less than two weeks. Casual members must apply for short term facility usage at the Warialda Council Office and must complete the standard pre usage screening and Induction Process. The fee for casual use is set at a division of the standard monthly rate.


Student membership is for full time secondary students between 15 and 18 years of age. Student members must have the written consent of a parent or guardian. 15 year old members will not be issued with a membership fob and will be expected to use the weights room under the supervision of a qualified adult (see above).


Junior membership is for secondary school students under the age of 16 who are not listed as a family member. These students must be in the company of a consenting adult member. Junior members are restricted to the use of the squash court and aerobic equipment only. Junior members are not permitted in the weights room. Junior members will not be issued with an entry fob.


An adult is any individual 18 years or older. Individuals between 16 and 18 years of age and not attending secondary school are considered adults.


Upon proof of identity Aged Pensioners will be charged student membership rates.


Monthly membership starts on the day membership fees are paid and lapses on the same date of the following month. Payment must be received before recommencement of membership benefits.


A Family Membership allows for two adult parents or guardians and children under the age of 18 who are living at home and attending school on a full time basis. It does not allow for children over the age of 18 or for the relatives of the family to use the facility free of charge.


A six month membership provides all the normal benefits and in addition rewards Membership payments made in advance. The membership subscription is charged at the multiple of 5 x 1 months fees. ie one month free.


Fitness classes will include activities such as Punch Fit. Boot Camp, Weight Loss Classes and Adult Fitness. If classes are conducted privately participants will pay fees directly to the Council approved instructor. If the classes are conducted under the direction of a Council employee participants will be required to register with the council and pay for all classes in advance.

Participants in such fitness groups are not required to be members but will only have access to the Fitness Centre for the specified classes.


School groups will have access to the aerobic facilities when accompanied by an approved supervisor. Bookings will need to be made in advance at the council office. Students will be charged at the same rate as attending the Warialda Swimming Centre.

Students 15 years and older may use the weight lifting equipment providing they are under the care of a qualified supervisor who has also completed the induction programme for WFC.


Sporting clubs and or organisations catering for school age children will have the same access rights, with the same conditions, as school groups.



Sports groups, per child, per session $4.00
Casual membership (2 weeks only) $25.00

High School Student – $38
Pensioner – $38
Adult – $49
Family (2 adults, 2 high school students) – $94

High School Student – $190
Pensioner – $190
Adult – $245
Family (2 adults, 2 high school students) – $470

Weekly hire – $100
Fitness classes/per hour – $10

Non-refundable fob Deposit/Replacement fob – $20